About the Blog

This little blog is for me to chronicle my journey through life as a flawed being, and how that’s okay, and how we can still do really great stuff even if we aren’t “ready” yet. (Because we’re never fully ready.)

This blog focuses on the concept outlined in the Italian proverb:

“Le meglio è l’inimico del bene”

“The perfect is the enemy of the good”

Because perfect doesn’t exist, but life can still be pretty damn good.

I’ve long since loved the word “imperfect” because it can be turned into “I’m perfect”, which to me has always felt like acknowledging the perfection in the imperfection; how we are all exactly what we should be, even in all our flaws. That’s the spirit of this project.

It’s meant to be fun and inspiring, but it will probably also get random, tangental, and philosophical. It’s meant to celebrate life and the intricate ways in which it unfolds, which have their own perfection (just not how most define “perfect”).

Ask me questions if you’d like!

About Me

‘About’ pages are so awkward, aren’t they? It’s like this gratuitous thing where you act all self-centered and egotistical and talk about you you you.

Well, I’m gonna, because that’s something that kinda freaks me out and the spirit of this blog is to do the scary things.

So: Hi. My name is Eve. I’m a writer and a robot who’s learning to feel feelings. I write books and stories and all sorts of stuff. I live in Las Vegas. I simultaneously have too many and not enough books. I’m really into physics, quantum mechanics, astrophysics, and mechanical engineering. I also love to play and compose music. I’m a big fan of Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Animorphs, and all that other geek culture stuff. Tesla is my anachronistic boyfriend. I speak mostly in sarcasm and references.

If you’re into personality types and zodiac signs and the like, I am:

  • Year of the Snake in the Chinese Zodiac
  • Leo in the Western Zodiac
  • INFJ-A in Meyers-Briggs
  • Type 5 in the Enneagram
  • Slytherin

I got my degree in psychology and did a lot of work studying personality disorders.

Demi. Grey-Aro. Or, to put it sarcastically, “bye-sexual”.

I’m Dutch/Italian/Sicilian/Lebanese/Syrian/Norwegian/and more. (I look like this:)

Why hello there.

And I’m really techy, though not as techy as I’d like to be.

There’s probably a lot more to say but it’s 1:17am (I’m also a night-owl) and I’m thinking I should wrap this up now.

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